Student Athletes

If you have a student who spends a lot of their ‘non-school’ time training for a particular sport, it may be encouraging to know that some very successful athletes have been homeschooled!

Cayman Rugby Club

My eighteen year old is struggling to concentrate on the rest of his highschool while training rigorously for the National under 20 rugby team, which will be going to Kenya in April for the World Trophy. He wants to be finished NOW!, and is looking forward to making contacts while in Kenya, and possibly receiving ‘offers’ for college. Its not that easy for him to keep his studies upfront and centre!

Here is a list of accomplished homeschooled athletes who managed to excel in both sports and education:

Carly Patterson
Olympic Gymnast – Gold 2004 Olympics

Shayna Syken
Figure Skater – 2002 Gold Medal Winner, Junior Olympics.

David Boudia
US National Diving Team – Gold Medal Winner in 2007 Pan American Games, Bronze Medal Winner in 2008 FINA Diving World Cup, Bronze Medal Winner in 2007 World Championships, and a received the first spot on the 2008 Olympic USA Diving Team

Ariel Rittenhouse
2008 USA Olympic Women’s Diving Team

Katie Hoff
A 2004 Olympian and part of the 2008 USA Women’s Diving Team

Mike Beasley
A Basketball player and rising junior from Upper Marlboro, Md., is projected by some analysts to become the first player to go directly from home school to the NBA. He has verbally committed to play for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte after he graduates in 2007.

Sam Warren
A Basketball player who was home-schooled until his senior year, has signed a letter of intent to attend the University of Virginia, an academically rigorous school in the Atlantic Coast Conference. Virginia athletics department officials believe he will be the first home-schooler to enter on an athletic scholarship.

Mackenzie Winslow
Junior Dressage Champion

Tanith Belbin
2006 Olympic Silver Medalist, three time Four Continents Champion (2004-2006), and five-time US National Champion Olympic Ice Dancer.

Not Bad!