In the Cayman Islands we ‘celebrate’ Pirates’ Week. Its much bigger than ‘Hallowe’en, and it does last an entire week! Of course, it usually gets some rain delays for the main events, and this year we had Hurricane Paloma!

My ‘eldest at home’ has been building the ‘Governor’s Float’ the past couple of weeks, as well as the props for the ‘pirate invasion’. He works construction 2 days a week to help fund his rugby trips (and because he is not focused enough on school to warrant staying home idle!)

Yesterday morning he went down to the harbour early to set up, went to our Church Chapel to paint from 10-12, then back downtown to drive the float in the parade.

Here are some pictures of his handiwork, and the pirate-y day.

Mark(r) and his pirate friend Ryan

The Pirates capture the (faux)Governor!

(more Pirate pics at “cayside”)