Around The World

Here ‘s a great idea I found at Catholic Homeschooling.

Around The World Night….

…Presentations will be on a tri-fold decorated anyway you’d like.
The presentations will share a circular table with another country backed up to it. All of the table space in front of the presentation will be yours to put artifacts, small projects, reports, tasty foods to share, etc etc as you see fit. Some dress in their countries attire!!

As the evening goes on, some choose to stand at their project and answer questions; others roam and sample foods from far away places!

However you’d like, it is suppose to be a fun night to invite friends, dads, and anyone else to see what we have done. I started doing this many years ago b/c most homeschooled kids do not get to “show off” their talents as often as they should be able to!! In my humble opinion!! And, I LOVE to see the wonderful people and cultures of God’s great world!!! Hope you’ll mark your calendar either way; to join us in presenting your favorite country or to support those who are committed to sharing what they learn!!

We don’t really have a coherent ‘homeschooling community’ here, but as I have 7 students, I guess we could hold one ourselves! We have tons of travel books and table books with glorious pictures from Uncle Desmond’s library, as well as mementos from his numerous trips. We could also include our many countries with family history…Sweden, Canada, Jamaica, Cayman, France, Ireland!