Johnny Cash Tribute – Art Project

johnny cashThe Johnny Cash Project is a very interesting endeavor, billed as ” a global collective art project “. Each participant selects a frame to draw, from a selection offered, and each frame is assembled into a music video for Johnny Cash’s final studio recording “Ain’t No Grave”.

Strung together and played in sequence over the song, the portraits will create a moving, ever evolving homage to this beloved musical icon. What’s more, as new people discover and contribute to the project, this living portrait will continue to transform and grow, so it’s virtually never the same video twice.

Crowd sourcing a music video! Very cool!

If your family/homeschool participates, let us know how you liked it and what the ‘frame’ numbers of your contribution were (in the comments), and we’ll keep a list going here!

Art – not just crayons!

One thought on “Johnny Cash Tribute – Art Project”

  1. Johnny Cash always did things differently. Different in a good way. A way that pushed the envelope or redefined the status quo. It was what made him such a strong person and great entertainer. This video is no exception and, as stated in the article, absolutely very cool.

    This post has been up there for about 3 months now…It would be nice to see some contributions to this project get posted. It is great opportunity to make a positive contribution to pop-culture.

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